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Emotional Freedom Techniques


A simple relaxation of the body and mind to allow your own subconscious to deal with anxieties, stress and phobias.

Hypnosis is an excellent way to deal with habits that have taken control of your life, like smoking or emotional eating


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Known as Energy Psychology or acupunture without the needles, EFT using tapping on specific Meridian points within the body to release negative emotion, remove distortions in the body's own energy flow and allows the person to take back control and remain positive


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Do we even remember what it feels like to be completely relaxed? . Learning how to relax the body and mind with Mindfulness techniques and breathing excercises can change your life. Just a few moment each day can make huge changes at work and home. Simple practices to gain more out of your day.


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Positive Inspiration Natural Health CIC is committed to supporting those organisations that support those who have survived Acquired Brain Injury or suffer from the affects of PTSD.


We use Complimentary Medicine and Natural health in financially supported sessions to improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of those affected personally, related or carers.


Private session payments go directly to the support of those indeividuals. Check out our listing of therapies available


Take Back Control

CAUSE Health and Wellbeing Programme

Cognative Awareness, Understanding and Self Endearment: The basis of positive health control for everyone. Whether you are trying to gain or lose weight, or just take control of the healthy options available to help you feel good inside and out, we can work together to allow you to plan your future, create your aims and achieve success through very simple practices and having the right knowledge. With Nutritional Advise, combined with the available psychotherapies, you are building onto a course that grows in strength as you do. You become the one in charge, armed with knowledge, will and stability. Take back control of your wellbeing and lifestyle!


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Nutritional Advice

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